Holiday Lighting Products & Accessories

Brothers Holiday Lighting has a large selection of holiday lighting products in stock and ready to install. We use commercial grade lights designed for outdoor use providing the ability to replace individual bulbs rather than entire sets of lights.

Residential & Commercial Trim Lights

We typically use large lights (size C7 and up) to outline and highlight the trim of your home or business. These lights are available in both LED and traditional incandescent bulbs. See how they compare

LED Lights (C7)

Go with these LED equivalents of the traditional house lights for energy savings and cost savings over their long lifespan. We stock Clear LED lights – by far the most popular – however red, green, blue and orange are also available.

Traditional Lights (C7)

These lights are the traditional style incandescent lights that are typically used to outline the outside of your home. We stock lights in Clear; Clear & Red; Clear, Red & Green; and multicolored. The standard distance between each light is 12” and sets with 6” and 18” spacing are available by special order.

LED vs Traditional Lights

While LED lights consume much less energy than traditional Christmas lights, their higher upfront cost makes them a less desirable choice for the average consumer. However, over the past several years we have watched the technology grow leaps and bounds as prices fall dramatically.

At this point we feel the benefits from using LED lights outweigh the additional cost and recommend them over incandescent bulbs.

Energy costs are based upon 49 days, 12 hours per day @ .08 cents per Kwh. Expected bulb life: LED - 50,000 hours Incandescent - 3,000 hours

Residential & Commercial Landscape Lights

Mini lights are used to decorate trees, bushes, windows, garage doors, and pillars adding accents to items all around your property. Mini Lights are only available in LED.

Mini LED — Classic White Lights

Above is our most popular style of decorating deciduous trees where we wrap each branch individually. The classic style is also used for decorating bushes, windows, garage doors, and pillars providing the added benefit of being very energy efficient.

Mini LED — Multi-colored Lights

We stock Mini LED lights in a variety of colors including White, Red, Green, and Multicolored with additional color combinations available through special order. Strands come in 25-foot and 50-foot sections containing as many as 100 individual LED’s each.

Holiday Decorations & Accessories

Complete your display with additional items to achieve the look you’re after. Lights can be added at any time with many clients choosing to add new items each year.

Stake Lights

Outline and illuminate your driveway, walkways, yard or garden beds. Stake lights will add that extra touch to really make your holiday light display complete. Standard C7 lights are used in conjunction with a 4” black stake and can be custom cut to any length.


A staple of holiday lighting that brings out the Christmas spirit in any home, day or night. We stock Deluxe Artificial Pre-lit Oregon Fir Wreaths in 3-, 4- and 5-foot diameter. We also have 2-foot real wreaths that are perfect for your front door, inside & out. Other styles available by special order.


Wrap your front entry, columns and railings with this holiday favorite. Options range from artificial pre-lit garland with berries and pine cones on it to real garland brought in last minute to guarantee its’ fragrant smell evokes happy memories from past holidays.

Decorative Bows

Bows add the perfect touch of Christmas to garland and outdoor lamp fixtures. We carry Red bows in stock and can special order Silver, Gold, and Green bows as well. All bows are designed for outdoor use and sizes range from 9” to 16”.

Automatic Timers

Timer - This is a must-have for any homeowner wanting to be free from turning the lights on and off manually. Built for outdoor use and worry free operation, our timers include a photocell that detects sunlight levels to automatically turn your lights on at dusk.

Special Order Items

We are able to special order a wide selection of decorations to compliment the products we have in stock. If you are looking for something not listed above, contact us in advance to be certain your item arrives in time for the holidays.

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